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    • I believe marriage is a personal decision. If you want to wait, wait. If you want to get married young, then do so. Its not to be based on what's cool or trendy or the societal norm. I hear of returning LDS missionaries getting married a few months after they return home and I pray it was not because of church pressures or that's the standard. The sanctity of marriage has to be shared between two people who are mature and share mutual interests and love, and more, especially the desire and willingness to be selfless and "work at it!"

      There are far to many marriages that end because of some immaturity or one partner just not wanting to work at it. Its hard work! It requires being able to be mature and patient and put your shoulder to the wheel, sometimes carrying your partner on your back. The Love Lab in Seattle has proven it can detect with accuracy if a marriage will last based in a 5 minute laboratory test- that test being how the partners communicate and listen.

      I was married when I was young. It lasted 2 years. I moved to California (Thank God) and met my now wife of almost 13 years (5 kids in tow). I am grateful to have gotten married when I was 29 because I felt more confidant, mature, selfless, etc. Though I am still working on all of that, and more :-) The working on things to better me as a person and spouse never ends.