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    • Exactly! This is my favorite thing about Flickr. It is very generous and inviting and I will stay there and be a faithful user of their site because of it (and a few other things) :). They are also the only service that allows you to link your photo to other places by using a special code, without a large fee of course. This aspect alone is very much "for the people" and not for the profits or revenues of the corporation, which I appreciate greatly. Right now, its a community platform that really seems to care about the community and I hope that doesn't change.

    • Don is doing a great job, imo, of a Reddit AMA.

      Flickr is all about a long-lasting, deep, abiding photographer community. It's not about showing a photo to quickly gather some likes & comments today, only to never have that photo be seen again. It's about engaging in visual storytelling that lasts forever.

      It's also not about keeping your photos in a walled garden like Instagram. Flickr photos and links permeate the entire Internet. Photographers should be empowered to reach their audience, whoever that may be, wherever they want to consume them.

    • Yeah, that was a really fantastic AMA. He answered virtually every question, and he answered them honestly and directly, even the tough ones. Of course, I'd expect nothing less from Don. 🙂

    • Yes, great response. It was scary in the beginning because we grew slowly and Flickr took off like a rocket. Well, in terms of users, that is. I’m pretty sure we outgrew them in terms of revenue but I haven’t seen their financials so I can’t be sure.