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    • I joined Flickr a few days after getting my first dSLR and transitioned to using SmugMug a year or so later. After being a SM customer for 5 years I joined the SM family as a QA tester. Five years later I'm still thrilled to be a part of a company that cares so much about their customers and their photos.

      I'm beyond excited for what this means for the future of both services!

    • Happy to see this, hope for expanding option to a somewhat stagnant Flickr.

    • I wonder who benefits from this more, Flickr or SmugMug?

      Assuming Flickr is a company that's break-even from a financial perspective why would SmugMug toss so much capital into investing into flickr. Certainly not for altruism?

      It feels unlikely that a Flickr user, many on a free account would scale up to a Smuggy subscription... but perhaps it would be to offer Print sales as an option to existing flickr users? But with print in general a stagnating market... what's the long term plan? Is there an intent to get into stocks like 500px - an already oversaturated market, or are they just looking to deepen community? If so are they trying to edge onto Instagram territory?

      As exciting as it FEELS, the mechanics of it leaves me feeling more worried than excited if I were to be completely honest.

      Would love to hear some alternative positive perspectives on how this will benefit SmugMug from a corporate growth standpoint.

    • I hope that they don't change the free 1TB of photos or monetize Flickr more haha I like free and open source things :) That's my only concern, but Smugmug is a great company, that I feel might be more human than others so hopefully not.