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    • "open eyes and ears". This.

      Based on the stories I've heard from Chris, SmugMug understands, and loves community. The heart of Flickr is the community. The strategy can be sorted out later. How often can a service with 75MM users be acquired? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

      130MM visitors per month according to That's insane. This is an amazing opportunity for SmugMug. Very excited for SM.

      For a family owned company to pull this off is incredible. It's so the opposite of the Silicon Valley, private equity stories we hear about endlessly. I love it.

    • Heh appreciate the time you took to make the analogy to my career! An interesting through experiment.

      To answer your question though, when I buy a plane ticket I usually have a fairly clear idea of what I want to achieve, just not how I want to achieve it - which as you clearly pointed out is no different than this situation.

      The part I'm seeking clarity on is the business model - so, in my case, the business model has always been: Make something crazy that goes viral no mater what... so that the companies that want to hire me can find me. That's how I make a living. When the day comes where I am unable to create projects that bring in my next projects - that's when my career dies.

      It's actually the crossroads I find myself at right this moment as the constant algorithmic changes to social have greatly impacted my ability to create visible content - and actually one of the reasons I'm starting to shift out of social.

      So I guess I totally understand the mission and the community and all that... the part that worries me is the business opportunity side of thing. The 1x return. 5x, 10x

      Maybe I've just been in the valley for too long