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    • How often when you go into a project do you have a fully formed final idea of exactly what the end product will be? On day 1(ish)?

      I don’t think this is any different. Don doesn’t know exactly what the “final” product will be in 3 months, a year, a decade... he’s going into this with open eyes and ears. What he (we) hear from the community, find in the details, learn from the team that has been closest to Flickr all these years... all of that will influence where it goes and what is done.

      He’s the visionary/creative side of the company leadership, just as you’re the visionary/creative in your own work. I kinda picture him right now in the same position I think you were in sitting in an empty warehouse with a ton of recycling and a vision of models with mermaid tails. :)

      Don has shared a very high level vision statement a few times, it’s in the faq on the site. How close is it in specificity to what you wanted to accomplish with that photo shoot?

      In the end, you lead your team to create beautiful images with a powerful message. I don’t know how long it will take, but I trust Don to lead the combined teams to improve and grow the social photographic platform that Flickr seems to want to be, just as we have grown the beautiful and private home for your stories that is SmugMug, and the powerful commerce platform that is SmugMug’s professional plan set.

      (Disclaimers in case it’s not obvious to everyone: 1. I love Ben VonWong’s work, not questioning his work, just drawing a parallel to what I suspect is his process in an attempt to calm the anxiety before it blows up here like it has in some other venues. 2. I’m the tech lead for SmugMug’s commerce team. 3. I don’t know much that isn’t public at this point about the situation.)