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    • I think CC is actually quite a good deal if you aren't a hobbiest or side-gig player. So many great tools and resources for design shops big and small.

      That said, if you are more of a casual user just ask them for a discount. You shouldn't have much trouble getting up to 50% the annual price, provided you pay in full up front.

      Even with renewals, they'll tell you it was only good for a year but you can always renegotiate for "just one more promotional year". They're able to see actual use (or at least times launched) so for the honest people I'm sure they don't mind helping on price.

    • Yea, I am going to just have to get over the heartburn of "renting" software. Starting in Photoshop 4.0, I religiously updated every Suite version until CS6. I probably average at least 3-5 hours daily (Sun-Sat) in some sort of CC product. Adobe just does not have a very good reputation of being a responsible corporate partner. They killed the old USENET groups and then their forums went down for MONTHS (or, was it a year) before Google was indexing all the help questions. They are highly profitable and at some point in the next 20 years will lose their Goliath stranglehold on designers. I am grateful that Photoshop is probably responsible for allowing me to earn 7 figures collectively over the past 20+ years but it is no longer an emotional connection.