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    • Just got back from a quick little adventure to Great Basin National Park....during my wildland firefighting days as a hotshot back in 2007 I was staged in Ely, Nevada. Due to good behavior (not always the case) I was sent out on an admin mission in a govt rig to a nearby town and was allotted an overnight stay somewhere. Not sure how it came about. Anyway, when I was in great shape, I bagged Wheeler Peak in a half day before getting on with my duties.

    • Robert Baker

      So, it has been 18 years and I have never done the Lehman Caves tour so I thought this would be a good Memorial Weekend adventure. Friday morning I took the Grand Palace Tour and before we even go into the caves, we were provided the history of Absalom Lehman. DUDE! This guy was the gold standard for entrepreneur before there were any. Sure, many got "lucky" during the early gold strikes but they ended up losing it all.

    • Outa shape and too much snow, Wheeler peak was not in the cards. But, there were plenty of other photo opportunities that made for a fun 3 day, 700 mile weekend!

    • Been to the summit of Wheeler twice. Loved the caves. Easily one of the loneliest parks too.

    • Just about 30 years ago when we were on our honeymoon, my dear wife & I camped out in the overflow campground at GBNP. The caves were great, but It was the night sky I remember the most. It was truly amazing with stars filling the sky to the horizon. I have never seen its equal.

    • My last visit to the park, we were coming down from the summit as a fast moving storm coming from the west. Weird to watch the lightning hit the ground from above :) The storm never made the peak.

      Maybe I'll try to get back out there this year.

    • I drove down to the park from Salt Lake and met a friend who drove from Las Vegas a couple of years ago. We camped over Labor Day weekend and attended the Astronomy Festival. It was awesome! Amazing sights in the heavens, friendly astronomers, a crack-everybody-up talent was all very cool and not a very big crowd (my kind of event!) They do this every year.

      Here’s the link for the 2018 festival:

      After seeing your pix, I’m definitely going to do the cave tour next time I’m down there!

    • Thanks for the link.....I did an astronomy party out at Joshua Tree maybe 30 years ago unofficially put on by the UCLA astronomy dept. Astronomers have a whackey sense of humor if you can generalize and always a good time.