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    • Pelicans Over Cove at Point Lobos California - There were endless formations of pelicans at Point Lobos near Carmel California. One after the other they zipped by, all seeming to have important places to go. I don't know if the storm was churning up food for them or what. A beautiful display. John Brody Photography

    • I'd never seen it before, and I've never seen it since. A couple times, I thought maybe I was exaggerating in my memory, so I went back through my photos, and there they were, a couple hundred shots of 'V' formations crisscrossing in the sky. Don't have a clue the reason they were so active... By the way, nice shot above Chris. A perfect capture of the last moment of a dive - Great timing!

    • Nice to see you here Richard - The familiar face in new lands :)

      Thanks for your note - It was a beautiful day at Point Lobos; Cold, windy, uncomfortable, miserable, drizzly.... In other words perfect for photography :)

    • Thanks much for your note Victoria. Hmm... A total newbie here, I've been clicking around trying to figure out how to add you. No success yet, but will continue trying :) By the way, You have some interesting post.... Going back to look at the Alphabet and Illnesses entries as soon as I hit 'post' :)

    • A cove from my latest trip near Endicott College in Massachusetts. This photo falls into two of my favorite categories: One of my favorite photos from the trip, and one of the easiest to shoot. Driving up the coast on the Newly found and quite spectacular Scenic Route 127, I spotted the scene, stopped the car in a slightly precarious spot, snapped 10 shots, and drove off. It should always work that way :)

    • Funny, I had to look it up since I shot with two cameras the whole trip - I was thinking it was my Canon MKIII but it was my iPhone XS (1st cell I've everI considered postable quality) - I exported to TIFF then PS with tiny bump in Seletive Color to blue and yelllow (+9 out of 100) and reduced sharpen (Minus 9 out of 100). One of the easiest / least edited photos I've ever taken / edited. Love that XS :) Thanks for your note.

    • It's amazing how good the iPhone X is at shooting landscapes and even scenic videos now. I take it out from time to time and can hardly tell it from a full-frame top-of-the-line camera.

    • Yellow Fields Under Cloud Cover in Luxembourg near the Roman Ruins... Actually, I was standing ON the ruins while shooting this scene, and the view won my interest. I guess I'll just have to go back again to shoot the ruins :) - / John Brody Photography

    • Cannery Row Marina in Monterey in Midnight Fog - The marina in Monterey is an integral part of the waterfront described by John Steinbeck in Cannery Row, a favorite book and author of mine. I spent many nights in this type of drizzly fog during the two years I spent in Monterey, one of the more beautiful places I've lived... John Brody Photography -