Here are my thoughts on starting a video podcast. What ideas have you got? Add them in the comments and let's discuss this important concept.

If you want to find video podcasts on iTunes, go to the iTunes store and select podcasts, then click on video and you will find several to choose from. A good example of a podcast that is suited to video is MacMost. They feature screenshots and tutorials on getting the most out of your Mac. The information would be much more difficult to convey without the screenshots. Little Adventures, Big Planet is another video podcast that wouldn’t be the same without the stunning footage of animals and nature that they feature.

A video podcast makes it much easier to communicate subjects that are visual by nature. People enjoy being able to look at someone while they are talking to gauge their emotions. The visual medium turns you into someone they can trust and appreciate. It’s also easier to put links in your videos or have on-screen aids with additional information. Videos also make your podcast website more user-friendly.

There are two SEO advantages provided by a video podcast.

The first advantage is that many people simply go directly to YouTube and search for things there. Already being present on YouTube gives you a major advantage and enables your video podcast to be found.

The second big advantage is that Google owns YouTube. A video podcast on YouTube tends to rank high in search engines. There are many ways to optimize a video podcast for YouTube and amazing SEO.

What can you add to this?

Mike from Yogi's Podcast Network and Elite Podcast Academy