How a penny tax per call would put an end to those annoying robocalls. (@Pathfinder )

We can ask questions of an Oscar-nominated writer.  Mine: How hard was it to write dialogue for the gorillas?

(@Chris )

Want to play along with @Factotum ‘s Civilization VI panel?  Here’s a two minute video on what you need to know about Gilgamesh, our “hero.”


This is what happens when someone gives me a cooking challenge ⬇️.

(@lidja )

For those who think that socializing online is anti-social and doesn’t lead to real connections, you could learn a thing or two from this user’s adventures.

(@jpop )


OMG, did you see the size comparison of the sun placed inside the Black Hole photo?  That put things in perspective instantaneously and got me interested in learning about how the photo was created.  Did you know they had to wait six months until the ice melted to get Antarctica’s data? This write-up with pictures from @jpop is insanely good.

My mathematical mind was pleased by this pun.

(@DangerDave )

Slugs dig beer for the smell of the yeast, which is their Achilles heel if they had one.

(@RussP )

On alternative uses for leeks involving child’s play.

(@amacbean16 )


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