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    • AOC is a very interesting politician and one the wealthy and conservatives (aka Fox News) fear. It’s interesting to wonder if Biden would give her more power if elected and whether that would help or hurt Biden’s agenda. Either way I think America is headed for a massive change come next year. The world is holding its breath. The rich are holding their breath. I’m holding my breath.

    • If the underlying meaning of your post implies we have partisan news, then that would also mean we have "fake" news.

      I long for the days when you could spin the dial on your TV and get the same news report regardless of the network.

      I know, many are wondering what the heck is a dial on a TV! Let alone, unbiased news reporting.

    • I’m not implying there’s partisan news. I’m just curious if the dems have the stomach for progressive ideas such as AOC and Sanders. Curious if that would help get out the younger vote and if overall it’d help or not. Certainly the republicans fear AOC. Just wondering what kind of wild swings USA politics will continue to take. Very interesting when you’re able to try to look at it objectively. I too, long for the days when people or the news agreed on a set of facts.

    • Tonight YouTube recommended I watch this Netflix documentary that followed the campaigns from the very beginning for three unknowns, one a poor barmaid from the Bronx who was campaigning against one of the most powerful democrats in congress — a man who'd been unchallenged for 10 terms. Netflix got lucky; she shocked the nation when she won and it made an amazing documentary.

      Her political views aside, you could tell as the campaign progressed that she had the makings of an extraordinary person. When I saw her question Mark Zuckerberg once she had been in office awhile, my jaw went to the floor because Mark is super bright and she managed to make him look like he had no mental clarity at all wrt to running political ads.

      Her politics may well be too far left for Americans to accept, and I agree that she's very inexperienced, but the YouTube comments from other nations were amazingly positive. Someone from Switzerland said that in Switzerland she would be centrist even though the Swiss are very capitalistic. Someone else said she is our Jacinda Ardern. I don't think Jacinda could ever be taken seriously in America, though.

    • I think AOC is doing fine where she is, though I think she would certainly be open to a cabinet position. Choosing her as his VP would be a disastrous move for Biden, though. Not because I don't like her, but because it would scare off some of the more moderate central voters. Biden has a safe lead and just needs to make a smart, safe VP pick.