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    • Great to see you here, my friend! We will all need time to learn the new program...we will all learn together!! πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Hello Kathy, is here a same function for friends search ? Or does "friends-concept" not exists ?

    • Hi Simon in answer to your question to Kathy, no, there is no people search function, which is a bit of a bummer the friends concept is yet to take off here.

    • Thank you Julianne. I will dance the last months on G+ , maybe I will come back here. :-)

    • Hello KathyD, one question to you, because I do not know anymore if I have an account on Do you see me there ? --- hihihihi ---

    • I really haven't looked at Pluspora for a few weeks, Simon. I will look to see if I can find you there, but I still cannot understand how to use it, or how to use Cake, either! I only just saw your comment to Julianne by accident while I was trying to see how to use this! ;-) I'm sorry to everyone, but Google Plus is much easier for me to use, and to FIND people!!

    You've been invited!