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    • And in today's question, any takers on this? What new features would you like to see in the next iOS operating system update from Apple?

      The company will announce them Monday at the WWDC conference. I'd love to hear your thoughts as I'm prepping yet another USATODAY article!

      ICYMI, my latest, including a quote from the one and only @chris :

    • I'm pretty focused on photography and I'm tired of seeing these Google ads:

      I'm ready to see more low-light goodness.

      Also, as per your other conversation about Siri, sure would be nice to see some improvements. It either gets a bad rap or it's just not keeping up with Google and Amazon.

      I'd love to see dark mode as a device-wide setting.

      Is it just me or do others want split screen or picture in picture? Maybe I just haven't figured it out but I end up having to completely hide some app to switch to another. Shouldn't we be able to watch YouTube in a window, or maps?

    • I take and edit a lot of photos with my iPhone and the built in Photos app is great. But I wish there was more sliders and options to play with such as sharpening and vignetting that are already present in the Photos app on the OS X. So I would be delighted to see more of these tools on the phone.

      It would also be amazing to see iOS wide “dark mode” that can be turned on automatically in the evening and night hours. There are apps and sites including our own Cake that would greatly benefit from the night reading experience.

    • For the love of all things holy: Make a setting that allows you to turn off ALL apps for cellular data. This is useful if you use an eSim or a new sim when you are traveling. Often the 2nd sim is limited for data and you just want messaging, email, web browser, maps, etc.

      As of now, we have to turn 'em off one-by-one. PITA.

      Of course, turn them all back on at once also, when you are back home.