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    • It's sort of sad to hear books described as ancient technology, but I get it.

      I think books are evergreen and I hope we never stop making them! In “Game of Thrones” Sam works at the Citadel with all of that knowledge confined to one place. It would be a horrible future if we allowed only certain people access to books or if books became obsolete. The comeback probably has to do with wanting a detox as the author points out, plus the cost to produce books is reduced, access to publishing and selling tools are at our fingertips, more people are using books as calling cards, the economy is improving so people have more disposable income… but I agree it's simply because books are the antithesis of screens.

    • And the antitheses of 256-character tweets interrupting us all day? The NYT said a book is the only thing that allows so sweeping a narrative.