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    • Just like the return of vinyl for music I just don't see paper bound books going anywhere. Although It is my hope they can become partners with their digital counterparts not competitors.

    • Thank you, @paulduplantis. I am so glad our convo was helpful. I think it's a great idea to turn your collection of essays into a book. Do you write on one overarching theme or a mix of topics? I'm working with another author now who is doing the same thing. We originally thought to order the articles chronologically, with the newest articles first, but then decided that the flow was more interesting to sort them into sections with their own sub-themes within the larger frame. Adding a top and tail to each is bringing in new writing as well.

    • Yes, we are seeing the same in photography with the return of film shooters. The switch to digital was disruptive for so many industries but it also created new industries, and the same with records. Publishing seems to be hanging on to book production in a greater way. Maybe because the end user only needs a good set of eyes (or fingers for braille books) to access the product instead of requiring a record player or a developing system?

      My biggest concern is, and has always been, proper compensation for the people who make these industries possible in the first place. The starving-artist trope has done more damage than anything, but digital advances have also caused creatives to lose advantages in the marketplace. There has to be a balance between access for all and suitable pay for the rest of us! Only a small percentage of people make it big in these industries and so much talent is never discovered.

    • Yes my essays are all found on All of the essays are built around the notion of empowering the user experience through technology. And all of the essays carry a spirit of looking back to see what we missed and looking at today to see what could be done to allow the user to take back control of their experiences on the web or the greater ecosystem of apps we engage with. I have been toying with these ideas for 25 years and finally was able to move them all into one underlying theme. I attempted to write a book on this and gave up realizing I need to let the ideas breath through feedback I would collect. So I decided to write a collection of essays around these themes to culminate into a overarching narrative. At some point I should have enough essays to warrant a first edition book but I plan on writing on these themes for years so at some point I just need to group what I have together and go for it. I am not there yet but maybe after another 5 to 10 essays. But I have been battling to find an audience to say the least. It is funny because I am a marketing guy by trade and I would think about firing me. LOL - probably because I am not writing to sell books. I am writing to help solve societal problems. The problem of technology serving as a conductor of human interests rather than as a partner. I really did enjoy your interview here. And enjoyed your feedback on my Ebook embargo essay.

    • Yes the Spotify model for musicians is a perfect example of this. The creators have a bigger reach but a smaller paycheck. I have been using a concept of shareholder growth over stakeholder interests to help wrap all of these issues into an overlying theme. There is so much incredible talent out there whether they are a writer, a musician, an educator, or just a human being for that matter but their potential is being stepped on by a provider influenced marketplace. To a large extent this has existed long before modern technology but my argument is we now have the tools to change this. So why aren't we?

    • The problem of technology serving as a conductor of human interests rather than as a partner

      Really sounds fascinating! I get a repeated sense that technology has overtaken us while we weren't looking. And this isn't only happening to the masses, it's happening to the very people developing the technology.

      I understand how you feel about the marketing part, lol. For some of us, self-promotion is a big hurdle to overcome.