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    • I want one... At least I want to have a hands on session with one. I need to find answers to these questions:

      1. How good is the viewing angle of the bottom screen? Does it distort colors and can I use it for image references?

      2. Can I independently control the brightness of both screens. If so, how easy is it?

      3. Keyboard shifted below may compromise comfortable typing. Since it is elevated my hands could get tired from hovering or an awkward palm rest position. This isn't a problem on most laptops since palms rest on the sides of a touchpad.

      Just to give myself an idea of how it might work, I placed a phone on top of my laptop's keyboard:

    • It comes with a palm rest to help with that, this video from Linus Tech Tips shows it along with more examples of the different ways you can use the secondary screen:

    • I did stumble across several reviews of this novelty Zenbook. Can't make up my mind without a hands-on experience, but what struck me as funny is that noone thought to state that this second screen is just a really big macbook-style touchbar :D

    • Watched the video and I just realised it would be perfect for someone like me who likes to multitask. I like to work and play at the same time, which is why at home I usually use both my desktop and laptop side-by-side simultaneously. This laptop could make a mobile multi-screen experience possible.