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    • Watched the video and I just realised it would be perfect for someone like me who likes to multitask. I like to work and play at the same time, which is why at home I usually use both my desktop and laptop side-by-side simultaneously. This laptop could make a mobile multi-screen experience possible.

    • I only watched a few video review of it on YouTube as it is outside of my budget. Ironically @Chris was just talking about getting one this morning since his MacBook Pro is dying and needs a replacement. Two screens should make photo and video editing a lot more efficient.

    • I’d love to hear @Chris ’s thoughts on it after a test drive, even if he decides to get something else. I know @vegasphotog recently reviewed his phone with two screens and it would be interesting to learn the use case for it: for me, it would be a solution looking for a problem. On the other hand, it’s been two weeks since I got an iPhone X and the larger phone screen is something I would not want to give up. The brand that makes the anti-damage case surrounding the phone no longer provides a plastic screen covering: too many complaints that it became hard to read from scratches over time. However, using the glass screen directly with my finger gave me a nasty callous after a few days (I live on my phone) so I switched to using a stylus, which has probably doubled my phone typing speed.