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    • Advertisement directed at the end of Gen X or the beginning of the Millenials - good for Honda for recognizing (before other vendors, such as the Bar-and-Shield brand) some of us old guys might not buy another new motorcycle in our lifetime.

      I think the story of the ad is spot-on; a couple will ride because they love to ride. The ad is also turning the stereotype on its head by alluding to the rider / pillion reversal. Good for them; I like it.

      Marketing of powersports equipment in general has some catching up to do. Out of a couple hundred Goldwing riders I've met over the past dozen years, the number of female pilots is counted on one hand - and I have a couple of digits to spare.

      It is a different world outside of the touring community - it's good to see women riding a multitude of different styles of motorcycles. Unfortunately, women and people of color will be neglected until women and people of color have influence in these corporations.

      Both here and in the homeland of these corporations.