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    • It looks like we've settled on a format and the challenge topic days!

      Starting on Monday, we will run the challenge for the last week of January. From there, we can start learning what works and what doesn't.

      I also want to keep the daily challenge conversations open so that people who are in different time zones can still post regardless of the day. It also solves a problem when people are actually traveling or out shooting. This way, we get everyone a fair chance to participate.

      Have I missed anything?

      Thank you @wgoodey, @rtwPaul, @StephenL, @Apocryphal, @JazliAziz, @DangerDave and @Denise for your suggestions.

      Again, this is the final list of daily challenges (for now):

      1. Monday - Macro

      2. Tuesday - Urban

      3. Wednesday - B&W

      4. Thursday - Creatures

      5. Friday - Nature

      6. Saturday - Action

      7. Sunday - Open