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    • Thank you so much for including the link to the DPChallenge! I was totally unaware of it, although I wish the website looked a bit more modern and intuitive.

      One thing I'm debating is whether to start a single evergreen conversation for each daily challenge or start a new one monthly or quarterly:

      Evergreen conversation for each daily challenge:

      Pro: Having a single conversation for each challenge makes it easy to follow and stay updated.

      Con: A single conversation could balloon up with hundreds of posts over time.

      Monthly or Quarterly conversation for each daily challenge:

      Pro: Starting a new conversation with a time period in the name sets a deadline. For people who just signed up they can discover it easier in the "For You" feed and thus more likely to participate.

      Con: Keeping track of monthly or quarterly conversations can be a hassle.

      Should we keep it simple with a single evergreen conversation or go granular starting a new one every month or quarter?