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    • Interesting point. When I was a Bishop in the LDS church, I had a few cases of pedophelia from the last people I would have suspected — people who teach children, serve in Scouts, are sports coaches, etc. Without ever really thinking about it, I always assumed those occupations were filled with angels.

      The General Authorities were casually blunt about it: pedophelia cannot be cured. What? These were men who thought gay men and women could change their sexual orientation.

      So I checked with psychiatrists. They said emphatically, you cannot change a pedophile; you can only protect children.

    • Here’s the scary part: “In about 60% to 70% of child sexual abuse cases involving pedophiles, the perpetrator is a relative, neighbor, family friend, teacher, coach, clergyman, or someone else in regular contact with the child.”

    • ⬆️What makes that scary is it’s often committed by people who the child and their family trust. So sadly, someone like “everyone’s favorite dad” would be a common culprit. You just gotta do your background work on these people and the accusers if necessary. I believe if people go about things in a methodical manner, they’ll more often than not get to the bottom of it with as little damage done as possible.

    • One thing I should add is I feel fairly well versed in this depressing topic given that I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan. If you are in the Michael Jackson fan community, you learn a lot about it whether you want to or not. And for the record, upon doing some deep dives into the Michael Jackson allegations, I’ve come away believing he was innocent. Every accuser seemed to have financial motivations, he was raising children of his own, the extensive FBI files on him didn’t indicate he was harming children, there were other then children like Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman who said nothing happened, and Jackson himself vehemently denied the allegations. So, I’ve come away being sensitive to those who I feel were falsely accused.