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    • This is all kinds of insane. The article states that the new bug was introduced in an update in November, which puts it after the initial announcement of Google+ shutting down.

      I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this bug is some kind of regression based on already tearing things apart in the background, potentially made worse by already reshuffling engineers to other products.

    • Somehow my Google+ account is labeled a company account, I don't know why. When I visit I get prompted to fill out a survey asking about how I like it and what I'm using it for. I guess this means I get to stay? But I only get to interface with people in my company?

    • I guess Google's pretty happy they keep finding those bugs, that way they can shut it down earlier 😒

      They made the decision to shut it down and they're not gonna change that. I'd say I hope they make something to replace it but in even such case it wouldn't be worth to switch over after we have seen Allo collapse

      Right now I only hope more people start moving to platforms like this one 🎂

    • Absolutely not. The common wisdom is that G+ is a desolate wasteland, but in fact there are thousands of active, thriving communities on it. All of which are right now scrambling for a new home hoping to do make the jump in an orderly and non-destructive way (I know, I participate in some of them).

      Personally, I have to find a way to move the closed community I maintain for my extended family. It's been active for a number of years and has a great shared history in it. Losing it would be a blow.

    • All one has to do to see the difference between Cake's activity and Google plus activity is the following:

      On cake, click all.

      On Google Plus, put either the date or the weekday into the search box.

      Compared to Google Plus, Cake's activity level is way out in the hinterlands of desolation.

    • Well, comparing Cake to anything G+ is hardly fair. :-) Google was playing against Facebook, and at that it obviously failed. But it still made a product that a lot of people found compelling, even if mostly because it was, well, not Facebook.

    • It is sort of difficult to determine whether there was a true consensus at Google regarding the purpose of Google Plus when it was first under development. The platform as it was first released did not emphasize previous relationships but rather shared interests. There also was early on an effort to make G+ into a hub for all things Google. That policy later changed and there became an effort to disconnect G+ from all other Google services. I wonder whether what Jesus and Lincoln said about a house divided against itself applies to the downfall of G+. If the parent company was divided over its purpose then it was doomed. Or another way of saying it is "Too many cooks spoil the soup".

    • From what I read, the passion behind G+ came from Vince Gundotra and he was used to being a Microsoft VP meaning that he knew how to push buttons and gain resources and come up with a master plan. After sometime, there was a rebellion against him - they cite all kinds of reasons and the passion left with him. Either distaste for him also tainted the product or the leftovers had no talent for this, and the product deteriorated

    • Unless what I heard is wrong, Vic Gundotra left because of the decision to terminate G+ as a hub for the rest of Google. As far as he was concerned (according to what I heard) the hub vision was the right vision and doing away with the hub hamstrung G+.