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    • In my "worldview," love is a verb not a mere emotion.

      When a parent has a baby that is chronically sick at night, the parent may not get enough sleep and their body may feel miserable (headaches and stress symptoms). But many parents continue to take care of a sick baby in spite of the cost to the parent.

      This is becaue "love" should not be viewed as an intense degree of "like" but rather as something completely different. Love is when a person has a fervent desire for the other person's well-being that surpasses one's own self interests.

      Parents of troubled teenagers often endure severe hostility from their teenager and the reason that the parent endures in spite of the hostility is because of a fervent desire that this child will "pull through" and mature.

      Love is only truly love when the one who loves is not loving for selfish reasons.

      Anxiety and fear can sometimes cause someone to behave differently than they would behave if the stress and anxiety was not happening. If one loves a person who is "hurting" emotionally then one seeks to understand and help the one who is loved to overcome the pain they are enduring.