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    • I’ve played many games in my life but hands down my favorite genre of games is probably real time strategies and tactic games. I feel like I haven’t found a good one in quite some time.

      That certainly could be my fault for not necessarily looking for games to play. My most recent was probably Blackguards which I bought on steam when it was on some crazy sale a few years back. I did find time to play through it and enjoyed it a ton. I believe there is a second one out now that I haven’t even looked at.

      My favorite is probably Dragonforce for Sega Saturn or Final Fantasy tactics for PlayStation.

      Being married with three kids and one on the way has left me less time to enjoy games certainly if their content is not children friendly. But now my kids are getting more in to games, so it could be right around the corner and I’ll be back in the game! (pun intended)

      Also I enjoy more involved board games although I don’t play as often as I would like! But I do my fair share of playing plenty of children’s board games! I guess that’s part of the great privledge of being a dad to all boys!

    • I love games. A favorite genre is tough but it’s between RPG’s and RTS. I just recently finished playing Warcraft and Warcraft II for the umpteenth time, and Warcraft III for the first. Those games, Starcraft, and Final Fantasy Tactics I played so much growing up, and still replay today.

      I can say the same though of Final Fantasy 3(6) which is by far my favorite game ever. That and Breath of Fire II I also never get bored of and replay frequently. I feel the RPG market is much larger and as such there are so many more games that I play them more than RTS, but I enjoy them equally.

      I think the reason I enjoy these 2 genres the most is that they are my escape, I am easily immersed into these games. With an RTS it’s constant thinking, reacting, problem solving, so I’m so focused I shut everything else out. With an RPG the best ones have the best stories, and I just get lost in the world as if I’m there.

      But at the same time I can sit down and play a mindless hack-n-slash like Dynasty Warriors for hours. Like I said in the beginning, I just love games.

    • yeah I’ve played shining force 1-3 probably 4-10 times each. Never get sick of it. I have shining force 3 for Sega Saturn at my house! The others I usually play on an emulator.

      Great series I’ve even played the prequel shining in the darkness a few times! Dungeon crawlers... old school!

    • I miss playing these games although even with 0 kids it's hard to make time. I used to play a lot of computer games until I discovered you could make (or lose) money playing poker and then that took up all my free time (at great social expense as well).

      Here are my favorites in this order:

      Sim City 2000
      Civilization II
      Age of Empires
      Madden (circa 2001 - 2005 editions)
      Duke Nukem

    • It's very hard for me to narrow what my favorite genre of game is. My tastes have changed so much from being a kid to an adult.
      I'm just going to list games I loved on systems I loved:

      Ninja Turtles
      Mario Bros 2 & 3
      Guerilla Wars

      Ecco the Dolphin
      Maximum Carnage
      NHL 92 & 93
      NBA Jam

      Metal Gear Solid
      Final Fantasy VII
      Need for Speed
      NHL Series

      Tiger Woods
      NHL Series

      Xbox 360:
      Gears of War

      Xbox One:
      Dead Rising
      Gears of War

      Nintendo Gameboy/DS:
      Mario RPG's
      New Super Mario 1 & 2
      Kirby series

    • I put countless hours into most of those games... specifically rampage.... such a good list!

      Speaking of which the movie rampage is coming out I don’t believe I’ll be seeing that haha!

    • My favorite is turn based tactics/strategy and to a lesser extent RPGs. As a result I've been primarily a PC based gamer.

      * Master of Magic – The oldest game I've played that holds up from more than nostalgia, still one of the most enjoyable turn based strategy games
      * Deus Ex – My vote for the Citizen Kane of video games. The build systems, the multiple routes, the campy pulp fiction spy story that wound up having way too many true elements...
      * Diablo 2 – click click click
      * SMAC – My favorite of the official civ games. It's the first one where I feel they got the faction bonuses, government systems, and multiple victory paths working correctly. I also like the setting.
      * Fall From Heaven 2 (full conversion mod for Civ 4) – The most complicated Civ-like. Completely different faction mechanics, a magic system, an alignment system, factions that subsume other factions, armageddion (victory or loss). I enjoy it but it's pretty far into grognard territory.
      * Planescape: Torment – The best of the Bioware Infinity Engine games. Bizarre setting and fairly good writing.
      * X-COM (remake) – I played the original but I slightly prefer the remake.
      * Witcher 3 – The best RPG that's been made
      * Divinity: Original Sin – Really good modern take on the Infinity Engine games. The combat system is particularly well done.

      * Advance Wars – Really refined rock/paper/scissors unit balance. I really wish they'd release it or a remake for mobile.

      PS + PS2:
      * Carnage Heart – Fringe game where you program robots to fight using a visual grid/flow programming system. The cleverness comes from taking advantage of layout and control flow quirks to overload layout loops to handle multiple control paths. This let you get the latency/flow sophistication of later equipment on earlier tech and roll over the CPU. So many hours of math class programming on graph paper...
      * Final Fantasy Tactics – Still my favorite turn based tactics game. Best story of the final fantasy games and one of the best combat systems out there. There is a mobile version of this but I wish the port was better and didn't spin wait the CPU.
      * Shadow of the Colossus – There was a remake recently but the original is the most meloncholic game I've played