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    • Noticed Cake because of a Robert Scoble Facebook post. Any kind of social platform / network thingy that lets me focus on interests will intrigue me, so here I am writing a post and satisfying my curiosity.

      When I post, it's probably going to be about yarn. Or Free & Open Source Software. Or maybe hiking & running since I just started getting into those. Or a random thought I couldn't keep inside my head. Yeah. A sort of disclaimer I've been dropping in assorted networks I join:

      There is no intended theme, brand, or purpose to my posts. Just what's on my brain that moment. Maybe coffee. If you want consistency, I'm a bad choice to follow.

      Here's a hat I started knitting this morning. And with that, lunch is over and I need to get back to work.

    • Welcome randomgeek! 😁 I don't know how many people are into knitting and yarn on Cake yet, but my sister was obsessed and our family were the lucky ones to get all the most awesome hats and scarves.

    • I don't have any specific advice, unfortunately. It depends on your learning style. A visual or determined learner could get what they needed off YouTube tutorials. There are also learning kits available in stores or online. What finally worked for me was attending a class at a local yarn store, where somebody could literally hold my hands and step me through what I needed to do.

      You might want to start with crochet, since most folks have an easier time with that. Knitting was easier for me, but I got the hang of crochet eventually.

    • Well let's see that would put this scarf at number – oh dear – 372 in the list. Or you know with that thick yarn and that simple repeating rib pattern, it would make a most excellent learning project to begin your own knitting journey!

    • YouTube has a million tutorials that are great! is a great socialknitworking site that has basically every pattern ever published (and follows copyright rules). Your local fiber/yarn store probably has classes too!

    • Lots of resources and google fu can work great, but having individual recommendations like ravelry like you mentioned is why I posted.

      the rabbit hole of research can often be plugged early with a few good starter suggestions, otherwise why post right? ☺️

    • I was in Whole Foods today buying groceries and look what was near the checkout line! I felt like my sister had been there.

    • I'm looking for knitters and am coming from g+ whereI had a collection just for my knits. I belonged to several communities as well. I have no idea how this thing works🤣. Here's my latest wrap to come off the needles.