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    • If it's Saturday, it's time for another #Photowalk, this time to beautiful Santa Barbara, the coastal community 90 miles up the road from Los Angeles. Santa Barbara is the first stop for anyone making the big California road trip from L.A. to San Francisco.

      Santa Barbara is about the waterfront, but my #Photowalk highlight is those vintage, historic buildings like the Mission and County Courthouse, that make a hell of a backdrop for anyone's photo shoot. However, the Mission is very strict about photography. I note the rules in the video.

      Also to know: the greatest Mexican food, some say in the world, can be found on Milpas Street. And the restaurant's name everyone is....?

      @apm @Victoria hope you enjoy the latest installment!

      If you'd like to see more images from the Santa Barbara Photowalk, check out my gallery:

      And if you'd like to continue the L.A. to San Francisco #Roadtrip, go up the highway another 90 minutes to Pismo Beach:

      Below is a shot of the Mission, as photographed from the fourth floor of the County Courthouse Watch Tower lookout.

    • I watched the Santa Barbara photowalk video and enjoyed it. I loved the interviews with the visitor center folks: great suggestions from them on where to shoot. The guest appearance from the Santa Barbara soap opera fan was hilarious. And I was falling in love with all of the different Spanish tiles—amazing artwork!

      It was apparent from your photowalk that Santa Barbara is a great place to explore and to capture photos of the Spanish Mission style buildings there.

      I also appreciated your iPhone tip for how to capture this ⬇️ great shot of the flowers in the foreground.

      PS: I will check out Pismo Beach on Sunday.