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    • I'm OBSESSED with all things Danny MacAskill! I'm also swept away by the filmmakers who made that. What amazing storytelling and filming. I don't care who you are, you must stop breathing at times watching that.

      All MacAskills originated from the Isle of Skye, where Danny is from. Not much happening there so he spent a lot of time on his bike. He definitely has the MacAskill skin and nose. Must be my cousin. I'm on my mountain bike a few times a week but, um, there's a difference.

    • As amazing as this video is, I still can’t get over his other video Imaginate. With the help of Red Bull he designed and built the entire course as a toy playground. So creative and the tricks he was doing on the bike are just mind blowing!

      Check out Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

    • Chris, did you send him an invite yet? :-) I love watching the video's as it is a mini tour of back home for me. The places and scenery are captured in such a lovely eye watering manner.

    • totally, I just watched that as well. I like the part where he's actually a bit nervous about going through the upside down loop.

    • His videos are so awesome! They're so beautifully shot and he makes everything look so effortless. I really enjoy the behind the scenes videos because they show how hard it is even for the master himself to do these kinds of tricks. After watching some of his falls I think one of the most amazing things about him is that he keeps getting back on his bike.