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    • Yup I saw that. But I feel like a laptop needs to be a laptop and not try to be a tablet. Just like how a tablet should just be a tablet and not try to be a laptop. A laptop needs a keyboard and a tablet should be ultra portable. Trying to mix the two doesn't always work well.

    • I use two monitors at my desk constantly. If I had to fly out to a site and spend a week with a laptop, I could see this feature being beneficial. More than a week and I’d be stealing someone’s monitor for a legit dual display.

    • After being a raging/raving Samsung Note user (Note 2-8, never owning a 7 because they all burned up -lol) and turning my Note 8 in after 24 hours for a smaller but equally nice LG V30 without all the disco. I understand marketing....sell, sell, sell until you think you need it. As smartphones topple $1000 and software updates being released regularly, I know personally I have no need for all the gadgetry. In fact, in hindsight, what I disliked about Samsung is they would bloat your phone with all this crap they thought made them innovative but, it was all crap for the most part. Plus, their whole push to compete with Siri and Ok Google with Bixby was ridiculous.

      In fact, I now try and stay away from any Samsung product which is a tv set, a microwave, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, etc. In fact, the latest output by Nokia, the 7.1 gets everything done that you really need for $300. But, at that price point no one dares brag about their phone.

    • I think it depends on what you do on a phone. People whose job is oriented around social media, PR work or artists might enjoy more screen in their pocket but I don't think that the additional cost it will bring will be really worth it. 💸