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    • Good books and articles have honest, descriptive, interesting titles which give us a real sense of what's in the article, and then an opening paragraph that gets right into it in an interesting way. Am I wrong?

      I think that Google wants to push high quality content to the top of search results, but it’s a constant refinement process: besides well-known overhauls like Panda and Penguin, Google tweaks it’s algoritm hundreds of times each year.

      I left my blog back in 2014/2015. And back then there was a feeling of an SEO arms race to get your content to even show up in the search results.

      That was also when Google was hinting that you needed to join Google+ if you wanted your blog to stand out in search.

      I never wrote clickbait content. Instead, I did detailed reviews of educational apps and provided specific adaptation recommendations that parents could implement to meet the needs of their child with disabilities. I did interviews with inventors of monitoring devices built into clothing that helped parents to find their non-verbal child if they ran away. I interviewed the creator of an inflatable deep pressure vest for individuals with sensory needs.

      It was a helpful little blog for parents who often were struggling to find useful resources to help their child. Some of the stories shared were heart-breaking. A father from France talked about how the local education system wouldn’t allow his son to attend school because of his disability.

      The SEO plug-in I used was recommended to me during a phone call with a major influencer in the education field who wanted to help me help families.

      A lot of positive changes have been made since to Google’s algorithm, making it easier for quality content to rise to the top without having to do a full-blown SEO audit on your content.

      I think your general advice, to create titles that clearly inform readers on what the conversation is about, is sound. I also think following JazliAziz’s writing tips will go a long way towards creating interesting and engaging content.