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    • I've been a long-time believer that the best thing to do is just just write good stories and not try to trick Google. Good books and articles have honest, descriptive, interesting titles which give us a real sense of what's in the article, and then an opening paragraph that gets right into it in an interesting way. Am I wrong?

    • Does Google include all of the posts within a conversation thread when ranking search results?

      I have no knowledge of Google Search's internals so I can't say for sure what their ranking algorithms do or don't pay attention to. But Google does index every post in a conversation, and will return posts even deep in a conversation if it thinks they're relevant to your query.

      For example, here's a search for a unique quoted phrase from the second to last post in your "How do you make Maths fun?" panel. It demonstrates that Google did indeed paginate all the way to the end of that conversation and index every post.