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    • I tend towards puzzle and word games, and am always looking for more. I have noticed that lately I've been playing a lot more games against other people as opposed to single player games. Here are the current games on the rotation list.

      Clash Royale

      What are your favorites games. I'm always looking for more.

    • iOS. Does that include my iPhone?

      My two faves: Word with Friends and Boggle. Occasionally I burn out and get curious to see what else is out there, but I always seem to come back to those two. I usually play alone—don’t want to leave a stranger hanging if I can’t find time to play for a few days’ stretch...

    • Words With Friends is definitely a fun one! While the design of that app is way too noisy, the game itself is pretty fun! I mean, who can argue with a knock off version of Scrabble?

      My favorite iOS game has to be Two Dots. It's a superbly designed app with a really fun aesthetic. And the game is incredibly addicting! Also, the music is actually really enjoyable as well (if you happen to have the sound on). I don't even want to know how many times I've paid the $1 for extra lives 💰😬

    • Ha! I tried that one, too. Loved it. But I have a strict rule about not paying $ for games, so I pushed it as far as I could and then moved on. :)