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    • I never really thought of myself as a backpacking tourist, but, I traveled throughout Italy with a backpack. LOL At the time I did not realize how St. Marks is a big deal stop. Not into big crowds but hanging out in that piazza let me envision myself on the set of the next James Bond movie. hahahah

      One of my main inspirations to visit Italy and specifically Venice was when I was working as a chauffeur in college and our clients back then were Old Money and one of my regulars emphatically shared that I must see Florence before I die and before Florence sinks away forever. Funny how that seed was planted and ten years later there I was.

    • St. Mark's Basilica is beautiful. When I worked at SmugMug, I would be swept away by the detail in some cathedrals which was hard to see in photos on our screens, so I would take multiple photos and stitch them together into a high-res panorama that that we could print huge on the walls — up to 150 inches high. Then you would see all kinds of detail emerge.

      I shot many frames of St. John's with the intent to make a pano, but made one of the Duomo cathedral in Milan instead. Here are some of the frames I shot of St. John's: