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    • I've known about Stranger Things for years. I've seen a lot of positive coverage about the show, and social media loves it. I just never watched it. Until a week ago when I watched the first episode of the first season, then in just a week I completed both seasons, and now I'm pumped for season three. It truly is one of the best shows I've watched, and so as we count down to the the premier of the third season, I thought it would be fun if we all shared our hopes, predictions, and expectations for the new season.

      Continue celebrating nerd culture

      When I wrote my farewell post to The Big Bang Theory, one of the things I praised about the show was how it seemed like the only show (at the time at least) that celebrated nerd and geek culture. Stranger Things isn't the same genre of TV show obviously, but it does strongly celebrate nerd culture, and I want to see more of that in season three. I like how the kids are using their D&D knowledge not only to understand what's going on, but also as an analogy to explain it to the adults too. The Halloween episode where the kids dressed up as the Ghostbusters was fun, and it would be cool to see more nerd culture references like these in season three.

      Eleven leading a normal life

      For the past two seasons, Eleven (are we going to have to start calling her Jane now?) never had a normal life. She had some semblance of a normal life towards the end of season two, so I'd like to see how much more "normal" her life has become in season three. I assume she'll go to school, hang out with the rest of the kids, and go to arcades or play D&D with them as well maybe? And with Max in the group along with her, she'll finally have another girl to hang out with. Whatever happens in season three, this will probably be one of the coolest things that we'll get to see.

      More epic encounters

      Season one was pretty epic. We got to see Eleven flip a van over the gang as they were cycling away from the "bad men". We also saw her kill a bunch of soldiers in the school when the gang was surrounded, before sacrificing herself to kill the demogorgon. And who can forget how she saved Mike from jumping off a cliff and breaking the bully's arm. What a comeback that was. Not to mention Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve's encounter with the demogorgon in the Byers' house. In season two the epicness just got better. Steve and the kids set a trap for one demo-dog, only to find out there was a pack of them. Eleven had another epic return when she saved everyone in the Byers' house (followed by a very bitchin' entrance). And the final episode where they split off into three groups to save Will and defeat the Mind Flayer, that was intense. Hopefully season three will turn up the intensity and the epicness another notch (or two), which seems to be the case according to the cast.

      More Steve and Dustin bromance

      Steve and Dustin were a surprise pairing in season two, and their dynamic works so well that I hope we see more of them together in season three. Steve is actually one of my favourite characters. From the resident douchebag he became a legitimate nice guy, from stepping aside to allow Nancy and Jonathan to be together, to being "Dad Steve" as he protects the kids in both the junkyard and the tunnels at the end of season two. His dynamic with Dustin wasn't planned, but that's just a testament to the great writing of the Duffer Brothers who allow their characters to grow organically, which is why Steve and Dustin make such a good pair. I look forward to seeing more of Steve in season three, which is something we will definitely be getting.

      Beyond Stranger Things

      I'm currently making my way through Beyond Stranger Things, the behind the scenes series where the writers, director, and cast talk about the making of the show, and season two in particular. I've enjoyed watching the series and learning a lot of things about the show and the cast, like how Gaten Matarazzo was the first kid who was cast, and his trademark growl was all his own doing. How the writers turned Steve into a good guy because of Joe Keery's portrayal of the character. And did you know that the kids all submitted tapes for their auditions which they just recorded in their bedrooms? I hope we get another season of Beyond Stranger Things along with season three of the main show, which seems very likely if you ask me.

      We don't have much longer to wait until the new season of Stranger Things hits Netflix. Having just binged the first two seasons I'm ready to go. Will you re-watch the first two seasons before the premier of season three? What are you looking forward to most from the new season?

    • I definitely need to refresh my memory from season 2 - it's been a while! I really loved the dynamic and surprising energy of season 1, especially the creature, but felt that with D'Artagnan on season 2 it was easy to anticipate what was going to happen.

      I hope they surprise us in Season 3! Looking forward to it.

    • I enjoy all the callbacks to old tech and the old cultural references. I was born in the late 80s, so it's cool to see the show set in that time.

    • Need a recap but don't have the time to watch the previous two seasons? Here's a 15min recap from the kids themselves.

      BTW, they've grown up A LOT.