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    • I completed building my Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS in the early part of this year and have been trying to find the best method to display it in a way that will protect it well and would be easy to transport it in if need be. Im running up against a wall so far because everything I see online points to building a glass shelf. I’m not handy with tools, glass etc and am absolutely open to suggestions from everyone as to what would be a simple way to display this beauty! Thanks in advance!

    • Oh my God!! I think the best way is to ship it to me and I can send you regular photos of all the admirers of it. 🤩

      How about buying a model display case? How large is it? It seems like the display cases come in all forms of economy to fancy.

    • Hi Chris,

      The full built assembly is 25cm wide - 57cm long and 17cm high. I have to look into model display cases here as most of the stuff I was looking at pointed in the diy direction. But thanks for the pointer. Here’s a picture of my next build!

      The Bugatti Chiron (i love the 1:8 scale models and I’m on page 250/305 in Assembly Book 1/2!)

    • Btw. That model looks wonderful! Classic cars have a certain grace about them that the current generation of vehicles try to and fail at replicating.

    • Now you've done it. I went on a hunt for one I could build with one of the kids, but I couldn't find any more beautiful than that Bugatti you're building. Jay Leno got one of the first ones and drove it to Concours d' Elegance in Pebble Beach where I was one of the two chief photographers. I got to photograph his cars, including the Bugatti and damn. I wanted one SO BAD!

      The model looks amazing. It has 3600 pieces?!

    • Yeah it has 3599 pieces. So the Porsche was the largest model I had built so far. Then earlier this year my wife and I found the Lego Taj Mahal that was re-released by Lego (the original was sold in 2008). Its a whopping 5923 pieces! I wanted scale myslef up to building that and luckily the Bugatti Chiron model was released. It took me a while to find it here because it was constantly backordered!

      The beautiful Taj Mahal is next after the Bugatti!