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    • This we have come to refer to as “Giles”. It is a jellyfish that plays songs in bell tones when shaken. Soft tones, soothing songs, and it lights up in soft colors as well. Babies seem to love it, and it is always a go to for them.

      It is done in a way that doesn’t drive parents insane too, which is a big plus.

      Anyone have toy recommendations for a 6-12 month old? We have too many but interested what other people like.

    • This one took me awhile to think about. First because trying to remember every detail from when he was between that age span is kind of a blur. Lack of sleep plus it really feels like such a lifetime ago when he was a baby. Second, I think I am like you in that we also have probably too many toys to pick just one. But as I was sitting here on the couch racking my brain I glanced over to my left and saw this toy out of the corner of my eye. My little one has loved this toy since he was able to roll around and now even at 18 months, he still plays with it here and there. I have no idea which relative gave this to him but it has definitely been well loved and used. From a parent perspective, it is also only mildly obnoxious on the noise meter. More so when you accidentally hit it when trying to clean up at night. 😂 If you want to add one more toy to your repertoire I highly suggest this one. VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck.

    • You must be more patient than me! Very early on I banned all noise making toys... our kids seem to make enough noise all on their own. :)

      I've found even 6-12 month olds often want to do whatever they see others do, so my babies play with measuring cups, spatulas and tupperware while I'm cooking and they flip through (and chew) board books while I'm reading. Fake baby keys never hold the appeal that real keys do, etc. So I guess in short, my favorite toys aren't technically toys before I hand them over.

      There's definitely an age range where handing them soft stuff is preferable because they're liable to whack themselves in the face with whatever they're holding, but they seem to catch on pretty fast.

      Probably the most fun for ME is when they play with a mirror.