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    • Hi John,

      I feel you on this request. I am the guy who suggested we go out with one photo per post even though I'm a guy who often has multiple photos per conversation. 🤷‍♂️I suggested it for simplicity's sake, so we could ship a couple months sooner.

      We've known, though, that we will eventually have to add the capability for multiple per post. Right now we're working on search, panels, notifications and the iOS app, so multiple photos and several other things are waiting to be scheduled. I wish I had a better answer for you.

    • Wanted to add a bit more to what Chris has posted. I too wanted to have multiple photos per post, but we had to make a decision to simplify the first iteration and finish work on other missing components such as Search, Notifications, Lightbox (personally wishing for it soon 🤞) etc.

      Another point to consider: when the constraint is one photo per post, it makes you think about every single photo you are going to post and also add a commentary while you are at it. When posting multiple photos at once I find myself pilling them up and skipping the commentary altogether.

      Also by having only a single photo per post, you will know exactly which photo gets what reaction, instead of trying to guess the impact of each photo in a single multi-photo post.

      I really appreciate your feedback, John. Great ideas always come out of conversations like that, so please keep it coming 😉

    • You can post a link to any website, but the images wouldn’t automatically be shown inline. Currently the only way to show an image inside the post is to upload it directly to Cake by using the “camera” icon while composing your post.