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    • Children are being stolen and brought North. In the North, there is another world visible between the dust. Travelers move between this world and ours.

      And so Lyra, an orphan, must travel North to find her kidnapped friend.

      I have watched the first three episodes and have found it visually stunning, almost feels like a movie and is reminiscent of The Golden Compass. Anyone else enjoying this series?

    • Yep. Me and my youngest daughter are all over this.

      It feels more faithful to the books than the Golden Compass (which was the first big screen adaptation of the first book in the HDM trilogy).

      The BBC and HBO seem to have worked well together on this. You may be happy to hear that series 2, which continues the story into the second book, has already been filmed, so we should see that in 2020.

      The reason for the rapid schedule was that they did not want the actress playing Lyra to have visibly aged much between the series.

      The HDM trilogy is describes as children's fiction, but having read the books, I see them as being equally accessible to adults. The metaphysical - religious aspects are really quite grown up concepts.