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    • I thought I wanted the D850 for the longest time. Usually I would go to DXO mark labs website, geek out, and get a feel for the sensor ratings but from what I understand there won't be a Z7 review. ANYONE find a reliable source for sensor ratings? I mostly shoot weddings and landscapes.

    • Hey PhotographerJosh, welcome to Cake! 🎂

      That was a great reference, fascinating to me as I shoot with a D850 and have my eyes glued on the Z7. I have a friend with one and I’ve been following the reviews of pros who’ve tested it.

      Nice to see in the pdnonline story that the chip in the Z7 has slightly higher dynamic range than in the D850. I have to say the D850 sensor is astoundingly great. And it’s the first camera I’ve ever owned where I Shoot on AWB. One less thing to think about.

      My one wish for the D850 is faster and more accurate autofocus. I shoot what I can with the D850, like weddings, but for sports I vastly prefer Canon’s 1Dx MK II. Too many soft D850 action shots.

      And that’s why I’ve held off on buying a Z7. I keep seeing mixed reviews about the focus from working pros. Do you?

      One thing that would push me to a Z7 is if they ever released a 28-70 f/2. I Shoot some weddings too and I don’t know about you, but I frequently wish for shallower dof then the 2.8 provides. I don’t mind showing up with a badass-looking fat lens, in fact I dig it.

      Sometimes I find myself switching to a 50 or 35 1.4 for the look.