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    • We have a great theater nearby with wide leather seats that recline. I still prefer seeing epic movies there as opposed to my 65-inch TV at home.

      So, has anyone seen Darkest Hour? The previews look amazing and it was nominated for Best Picture. How about Dunkirk? It's back in theaters after its nominations. Worth theater trips?

    • I haven't seen either, but critics say if you love history The Darkest Hour is the better option between the two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • I watched Dunkirk twice. It's very good, but it's the kind of movie that I think really requires a second viewing to nail down exactly how you feel about it.

      It's not a conventional war movie, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. If you go into it expecting Saving Private Ryan, you'll be disappointed. But if you go into it expecting to see a talented filmmaker, crew, and cast cleverly subvert traditional storytelling techniques in order to tell a complicated story that has dozens of characters with many events taking place simultaneously, I think you'll enjoy it.

      On my first viewing it took me a while to figure out what they were doing and get into it. I liked it more on the second viewing since I understood the structure of the story better and was able to focus more on the details.

      Either way, Dunkirk is a movie that will definitely benefit from a big screen and big sound.

    • She didn't think it was a good war film, and didn't portray the event accurately. Brid is a Doctor in History and English, she does allow films a licence to stretch the facts to make a good movie but she didn't think this was a good portrayal of the historic event.

    • Oh. My. God. I watched Darkest Hour tonight. So glad I saw it on the big screen. 😲

      I thought the whole film was riveting, but it's Gary Oldham's performance as Churchill that is incredibly riveting. With that makeup and the voice, the emotion, the mannerisms, it's hard to believe.

      I'm sure I'm so swept away in part because I always found Churchill to be fascinating and it's such an amazing moment in history. What if he wasn't the pugnacious and divisive character he was? What would the world look like now?

    • I just read something which posits that these characteristics maybe desirable in certain situations and asks the same question you did. I would ask if there are there times when personality matters more than other characteristics?

    • A group of us who work at Cake watched Dunkirk together this week, and then Darkest Hour. We liked Dunkirk, but we don't have the historical expertise your wife does. I think the guys who watched Darkest Hour seriously loved it. It was my second time watching it and I was absolutely riveted. Totally my kind of movie.

    • I hadn't heard of Denial, but your recommends have been so good I watched last night. Wow, very unexpected and quite fascinating. Well told. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Fairly shocking.

    • brid is my sister, not my wife :)

      I saw darkest hour tonight. It was brilliant, on a par with " the post" ... and captured a moment in history.

      Fascinating how much infighting there was amongst the British cabinet, and how bleak the future must have looked with 300,000 men trapped on the beaches.

    • My view of Darkest Hour was seriously comprised when I learned how much history they had twisted and manufactured. Also, the climax they built towards, the one I had hoped they would build towards, was not only poorly-executed (in my opinion) but historically wrong. So, more disappointments.

      Otherwise, pretty good. !

      I loved The Post and have no idea what the NYT is complaining aobut, they got plenty of mentions.

    • I had lunch the other day with Joanna Hoffman who was played by Kate Winslet in the Steve Jobs movie. Aaron Sorkin wrote that script. He took SO MANY liberties with the truth, and they couldn't understand why.

      For example, John Sculley and Steve weren't talking and John never showed up for Steve's launch of NeXT Computers. Steve would never have invited him. But Aaron wrote it into the script anyway. When people like Joanna asked why, he just said "oh, it's part of the artist's canvas."

    • As a rule, my belief is that a movie, like any creative work, needs to be taken on its own terms. That is to say, it should not be measured against anything but its own ambitions, its purposes. So, for example, if a movie is based on a book, forget the book. It doesn't matter whether or not they match. What matters is whether the movie works.

      So if I'm to hold myself to my self-imposed standard, the historical innacuracies shouldn't bother me. But they do. I guess I feel lied to. Silly, really.