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    • WIRED picked their choices of the Internet's most dangerous people for 2018. It's a short list of 5 people and 3 organizations. It wasn't surprising to see Min Aung Hlaing on the list, the military leader of Myanmar who used Facebook as a tool for ethnic cleansing. Putin, The SamSam Hackers who create ransomware to target hospitals and utilities, and the Chinese hackers who target everything from the navy to Marriott were no surprise either.

      It was sad to see Zuckerberg on the short list of infamy. Do you think WIRED is being provocative or does he deserve to be there?

    • It might be unfair to pick him out of the social media bunch, although I guess Facebook is the big dog right now.

      But given his company's reach and influence, and given how amoral his business practices are, I can see why they chose him. The malevolent use of Facebook is happening worldwide, not just in the US.

      Kara Swisher (NYT, Recode) was on Stay Tuned with Preet last week and after listening to her, any notion I had that anybody in Silicon Valley is wearing a white hat evaporated. All of the social media implicated in the 2016 election tried their best to ignore the problem and when challenged, tried to minimize it.

      Their sense of social responsibility is minuscule, perhaps nonexistent. Swisher points out that Facebook wasn't hacked. The Russians merely used tools Facebook created as a way to make money.

      It's unclear that Zuckerberg or others, even now, accept their role and responsibility as communication outlets.

      She thinks there need to be regulations in place. If it happens, these people brought it upon themselves with their attitudes.

    • Kara is a force in Silicon Valley and a great journalist but I think she tars tech with too broad a brush. There are definitely bad actors in tech like Facebook and Twitter, god bless her for calling them out. That doesn't mean that Netflix, Pinterest, 23 and Me, Slack and Nvidia are bad actors. Who knows why she rarely calls out Theranos and Reddit, arguably two of the worst actors.

      I don't remember who she was interviewing, someone who worked across several industries, and when she went off on tech he laughed and said it's completely mild compared to finance, oil, agriculture, pharmaceuticals or casinos. Depressing thought.

    • Their sense of social responsibility is minuscule, perhaps nonexistent.

      Why, and how could anyone possibly even relate to or expect that? It's a business first and foremost, fer @$#$%'s sake. Now this may be too cynical for some, but in my humble experience, it has been true thus far that only money talks in this country:

    • Maybe I'm being cynical to believe that the best brands at least pretend to have some social responsibility. I do think many entrepreneurs start off with a much higher sense of social responsibility than they have later when the reality of investor expectations sets in. I believe that about Google.

    • FWIW, Facebook is now drowning in greed (i.e. make the investors happy) and completely out of touch. Zuck is just an obsessed coder liking to manipulate user behavior but Sandberg wears the black trenchcoat and throws her advertising machete with wild vigilance as she looks down on every advertising model out there. So many companies and governments are complicit to their someone who manages quite a few small business Facebook pages, I see daily how the MEAN MACHINE is addicated to these benign manipulations like "boost this post for $20 and 10 gillion people will see your post...". Google has their own methodologies but I think they sleep better at night because they embed their analytics in actual tools we need and use. Facebook is the Marlboro Man and they hope the addiction they have created will will not self-sustain...I don't know what will happen but as good as their advertising model is, it will not last. It might take 5 years, it might take 10 years...but, their foundation is sand.

    • She has good things to say, things that need hearing, but she seems to be adopting a fuel max rage strategy that draws in listeners who are drawn to rage fixes. She often says she believes Trump is a genius on Twitter.

      Elon Musk does a decent job in the beginning of his interview with her, pushing back on the outrage fueling strategy many journalists use. It's a bigger, more rage-fueling story for Kara to claim all of tech is bad and Facebook demonstrates it than it is to say tech has some bad actors.

    • Dave, it would be a complete mystery to me if Zuckerberg wasn't on the list.

      I feel sorry for all the people who work for Facebook and believed things were getting better. And then after the election they find out it’s even worse than they could imagine.