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    • Howdy everybody! I read about Cake in the USA Today feature last week ago. Seemed pretty interesting so I've signed up. Honestly, social media is the cause of a lot of angst and negativity in my life so I've been drastically limiting how much I'm on any of it. Not surprisingly life has been better since doing this.

      All that said, the brief amount I've explored Cake has been pretty cool. I expect to be checking in every now and then so we'll see how it goes.

      As for me, I'm a lifetime musician who just left the touring life in late summer 2019 to be home with my family and explore other outlets creatively and professionally. I've started a booking agency that helps other bands get good gigs. It's called Hi-Fi Artists The bands I represent aren't nationally known acts for the most part but are all really great at what they do and are on the rise. That was really starting to go great till Covid-19 struck. I'm deeply concerned at how badly America is responding to this and I'm not sure bands will even be able to effectively tour even in 2021 unless something changes for the better.

      I also perform in the greater Colorado area as a solo artist and released my first solo album called 'Cover More Ground' in late 2019. I'm on the web at

      I've recently discovered canoeing as a great socially distanced outlet as of late. My wife, 5 year old and I love to go camping and bring the canoe. Colorado is an especially wonderful state for outdoor adventures and an unlimited amount of amazing destinations.

    • Welcome to Cake! Glad you like what you've seen so far on this site! Being a touring musician must be really challenging right now. I hope things will pick up soon!

    • Welcome, Chandler! You are the younger doppelgänger of a friend of mine. I had to do a triple take.

      It must be a horrible blow to be a musician in America while Covid rages. And to think we were rated as the most well equipped nation to fight off a pandemic just 6 months ago.

      I loved this:

    • Welcome!

      I'm a concert photographer out here in Boston and that uncertainty is definitely hanging over the whole community here. I've heard a lot of people thinking that it will take as long as that to come back, and then the question is how many venues will be left? To end on a better note I hope your scene is doing as well as it can under these circumstances and if you have any performances or online events that you're doing I'd love to see em.