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    • Vinyl. Cassette tapes. Floppy disks. VHS tapes. CDs. DVDs. All technology will eventually be replaced by something new. Something better. And now it looks like Blu-ray may be joining its predecessors.

      While no official cause was given, I think most people can deduce why Samsung, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, decided to stop selling Blu-ray players in the US - streaming.

      It's something I touched on just a few days ago, when I asked if having too many streaming services was a bad thing. While your answer may vary depending on which part of the world you live in, it seems like it is a bad thing for the Blu-ray industry. Between streaming services like Netflix which has almost 150 million subscribers worldwide and gaming consoles which can double up as Blu-ray players as well, how many people around the world are actually buying dedicated Blu-ray players? I can't imagine the numbers are promising, which is probably why Samsung made this decision.

      The Digital Entertainment Group noted that 2.3 million 4K Blu-ray devices sold in US during the first nine months of 2018, but those included game consoles that might never play a disc-based movie.

      Do you still buy physical media, like movies on Blu-ray or music albums? Or are you like me, 100% streaming or digital downloads all the way? Do you think the era of physical media is over?

    • Hi - I believe that streaming verses blue ray, purchasing movies, etc. depends on where you live, what devices you have at your disposal and how much you value expanding the time that you have to sitting and watching electronic devices anywhere. At times, I find myself too immersed in the cyber world only to realize that the 'human element" of conversation and interaction has ended.... This saddens me that we as a society would rather curl up in our own private cyber world as apposed to reaching out physically to other individuals each and every day.

      Home is where the heart is... And my home has become my sanctuary where I can stream, learn, watch, and walk away if i wish... If I chose - I shall shut it all down and take a walk, go somewhere, and have fun with others around me...

      Life is wonderful.... Why limit oneself to electronic stimuli? When the personal interaction of others is "priceless"!

      Thanks for asking the questions..... I always enjoy intelligent conversations *when I have the time*! :)

      P.S. Why the cloak of a cartoon character? Is not your true pic (face) better????

    • I’ve never purchased a Blu-ray. I have a drive installed in my Plex server for the sole purpose of ripping them to be streamed to all my players either locally or to my remote shared family.

    • I purchased a blu ray in 2013. I still use it. It runs both blu ray and regular DVD's with which I have many movies to watch.... Believe it or not - I even have a VCR player at my disposal along with many movies to watch from years ago! Love the new technology but still appreciating the old. As one person to another - "What's old can become new with again".... Perhaps??? Lol!

    • It's been ages since I last purchased a physical disc for either music or film. I have, however, purchased a digital movie this past weekend. I think the rise of piracy using digital means made the physical medium of entertainment nearer to obsoletion. The trouble I foresee is, as you mentioned, having too many options for streaming services. There's no one main bundle package you can do and the prices are getting more difficult to keep up with. Amazon is 120 a year. Netflix is roughly 156 a year. Hulu is about 144 a year. Those being the top three currently (though with Disney Streaming, Comcast Streaming & Apple Streaming coming out this year, I foresee big challengers), it really makes you wonder if Cable isn't a cheaper option. The main trouble I have with having so many different services (and cable) is having them and not using them. I subscribed to DC Universe to see what they'd have as an experiment (about 75 a year) and have barely used it (they are only streaming on a few devices and don't have much content). If Disney Streaming comes out with a Hulu/Disney Streaming package, that might help make things more cost efficient, but it's still a lot to be bouncing between. The streaming wars are only starting to heat up and I don't think it'll cool down anytime soon. There's just too much money to be made. Blu-Rays are a dying business and streaming is thrumming with energy. Long live the King.

    • I used to buy Blu-rays, but these days I buy and rent a lot of movies on iTunes, and occasionally Vudu, because it's just so much more convenient to be able to choose a movie and start watching without having to get up from the couch, find the disc, put it in the player, etc.

      The three main reasons I used to buy Blu-rays were quality, extra features like director's commentaries, and the fact that I didn't like the idea of investing a bunch of money in buying movies on a single streaming service and not being able to watch them on another.

      These days, the quality of 1080p and 4K content on iTunes and Vudu is really spectacular. Both services support Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos. They can't match Blu-ray in terms of sheer bitrate, but I honestly can't tell the difference, and I'm really picky.

      iTunes and Vudu also both include extra features (when available) when you buy a movie.

      And, amazingly, the Movies Anywhere service now makes it possible for you to buy a movie on one service, like iTunes, and have it immediately become available in your account on every other participating service you use (Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, etc.).

      iTunes always has a pretty big rotating selection of less recent movies on sale for $8 or sometimes even as little as $4. I've bought so many great movies that way!

      Another iTunes secret: if you buy a movie that's only available in 1080p, but it later becomes available in 4K, the version in your library will automatically be upgraded to the higher quality version free of charge. The only exception is if the new version is treated as a separate release (like a "remastered", "special edition", or "director's cut" release).

      Also, if you buy a movie on iTunes without any extra features but they later add extra features, you get those for free too!

      So yeah, it's pretty hard for Blu-ray to compete these days.

    • Why the cloak of a cartoon character? Is not your true pic (face) better????

      I've never used my face on the internet since my younger years when I was using Facebook. Since I've "matured" to a degree, I'd rather people see my name and what I contribute, not my face. Just a personal preference.

    • I'm still firmly in the blu-ray camp here, over the last vew months several streaming service s have gone under, So at the time you could pay a premium here and get a blu-ray and also a streamed version in teory so you could view it anywhere Two of these have since gone so if I din;t have the physical blu-ray I'd have done my cash, Ah yes the other issue I still prefer to pay in cash where ever possible, thou I suppect that will go about the same time as physical media, Our local shoping center suppermarkets here removed more than half of their checkouts and went self serve wher eyou scan you own goods and pay either cash or Card, started out mainly cash with only a few card only places the rest served both, now its pretty much card only with only two cash payment options now. I can see it now soon they will say people are demanding card payments no one wants cash payments so its goign to be gone. I suspect Blu-rays will soon be the same we'll pay a subscription and of cause here in Australia subscriptions are much higher than else where, to the stage the goevenment actually held an enquiry into it a while ago asking Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and may others to appear some turned up others didn't even bother, the up front of it all was bad luck we cna charge what we want and if we can charge more of Australain Subcriptions so be it, if you don't like it don't subscribe seemed to be their responces well thsoe that actually showed up. So for now I still buy Blu-ray and can play then for as long as my player works or I can source a new one. Relying on subscriptions for streaming here seems a little iffy at present.