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    • Why the cloak of a cartoon character? Is not your true pic (face) better????

      I've never used my face on the internet since my younger years when I was using Facebook. Since I've "matured" to a degree, I'd rather people see my name and what I contribute, not my face. Just a personal preference.

    • I'm still firmly in the blu-ray camp here, over the last vew months several streaming service s have gone under, So at the time you could pay a premium here and get a blu-ray and also a streamed version in teory so you could view it anywhere Two of these have since gone so if I din;t have the physical blu-ray I'd have done my cash, Ah yes the other issue I still prefer to pay in cash where ever possible, thou I suppect that will go about the same time as physical media, Our local shoping center suppermarkets here removed more than half of their checkouts and went self serve wher eyou scan you own goods and pay either cash or Card, started out mainly cash with only a few card only places the rest served both, now its pretty much card only with only two cash payment options now. I can see it now soon they will say people are demanding card payments no one wants cash payments so its goign to be gone. I suspect Blu-rays will soon be the same we'll pay a subscription and of cause here in Australia subscriptions are much higher than else where, to the stage the goevenment actually held an enquiry into it a while ago asking Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and may others to appear some turned up others didn't even bother, the up front of it all was bad luck we cna charge what we want and if we can charge more of Australain Subcriptions so be it, if you don't like it don't subscribe seemed to be their responces well thsoe that actually showed up. So for now I still buy Blu-ray and can play then for as long as my player works or I can source a new one. Relying on subscriptions for streaming here seems a little iffy at present.