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    • I’ve known Lyndon since we rode together in Colorado 13 years ago. One of the many photos I took of him then:

      What a sensational career he’s had since giving up his aerospace engineering job. Who knew then that he would become a YouTube star, motorcycle celeb, entertaining speaker and respected rally competitor?

      Anyway, he’s on his 14th day of staying inside in Spain to support doctors, we figured he’s bored and we could have a good time shooting the breeze at noon Pacific on Wednesday. We’ll record it. @gorudy organized it.

      Doesn’t he look like Roger Federer in this photo? 👇

    • that's a great pic ... a true adventurer!

      I'd love to hear a little bit about how you guys both came to be at the same rally. ADVrider was still a youngish site back then and I don't think the segment of adventure riding became hot for another 5-6 years after that?

      Maybe the industry can thank you too specifically for the growth :)

    • Chris...

      Fantastic chat with Lyndon!

      I thoroughly enjoyed the entire interview.

      I hope you only have a cold (caught from one of your grandkids). I hope your wife has nothing worse than a cold as well given her current lack of taste and smell.



    • Thanks! Yeah, I'm sure people saw my drippy nose during the interview. I used a fair amount of tissue. Toni and I feel like we have mild colds. Strangely, my son-in-law physician and some of the young docs on his forum are okay with getting the virus. They feel it's inevitable anyway and then they could dispense of all the protective gear. He's 30-something so the risk is fairly low.