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    • I met a group of photographers in the Georgia Mountains last night where we hiked a bit to a nice overlook where we could shoot the sunset and Milky Way. I did a time-lapse, so I thought I'd see how videos from YouTube look here on Cake.

    • It seems pretty solid. There's not a lot of activity/users I know here yet, so it's hard to say at this point.

      I do wish you could follow people instead of just topics because it's people that I'm interested in--which G+ seemed to forget that was what made it so great when they got lost and introduced collections while completely de-emphasizing connections with real people.

      I like the interests for finding new people, but it's building deeper connections with real people that I'm more interested in. Without manually going to each person and looking at their conversations, there's no way for me to know what my friends are posting unless I happen to be following the same topic they just posted to (which in some cases may be true, but in others we may not be).

    • Welcome to Cake, willowbill. 😁 We're still somewhat small compared to the big players who've been around a long time, on the other hand people often say how great the early days of new platforms can be.

    • It seems to me people who join cake from Gplus myself included were looking for a 'social ' platform rather than a forum cake is aiming for.
      Conflict from people in topics isn't easy to get your head around.

    • Yes, see the comment below yours from the leader himself. He has an ask me anything over on g+ where he talks about people vs interests, and he explicitly says he is developing it from an interest graph rather than a social graph perspective. I and many others share your perspective where the social circle connections are primary and interest categories secondary but important. However in its favor cake is perhaps the first to create a good streams-based interest forum, so we shall see how it works. It might work just fine especially for focused interests where a lot of social energy is generated. All in good time, no?