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    • I was a non GOT watcher, until this past fall... I went all in. Basically killed my social life for a month and I think I increased Postmates revenue enough to announce an IPO ;)

    • I'm looking forward to the final season of GOT and holding out hope for the spin offs that are to come. If you're looking to do a deeper dive on the material, check out YouTube channels such as Alt Shift X, who study not only the show, but the books as well, giving more history and background for each storyline that exists in this massive world.

      Other shows to keep on your radar are that are coming down the road are Amazon's Lord of the Rings series, Amazon's Wheel of Time series, Netflix's The Witcher series & Showtime's Kingkiller Chronicles.

    • Considering the casting of the film and that it's being helmed by Denis Villeneuve, I think it's got a good chance of coming out quite well. Though it's a lot of drama and backstory to fit into a 2-2 and a half hour film.