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    • Hey, I found something on the internet that was true. I had seen some post (probably via PetaPixel) about a quick and easy bokeh enhanced backdrop. By, slightly crumpling up alumninum foil, getting your subject matter at least 3' away from the foil and open up your lens.

      I ran into a buddy the other day wearing a cool hat and I asked him about it. He said it had been in his family FIFTY YEARS. How cool is that? So, I coordinated with him to shoot him the following day knowing his history of having very little retention. (meaning, he would probably forget about the shoot within 20 minutes). I called him the following day and he told me he was heading out to a social event so I coordinated a mutually advantageous meeting location. I got there early and there was a large commercial dumpster in the parking lot. PERFECT. The bokeh would have rendered better at night with my LumeCube on a stand behind the subject. It was pretty windy so it took me about 10 minutes to tape up the foil....but, 5 minutes later the shoot was done.

      The bottom left image has fill flash but since we were moving so quick, I killed the flash to eliminate the reflection on his glasses.

      Pretty cool I think....I want to try it later at night for better results. What is something you have DIY'ed as a quick and easy backdrop in the field?

    • Oh my God, where has this been all my shooting life? That looks really good.

      I bought some cheap French doors at Lowe's, draped some thin white fabric over them and put a flash behind. For this party, I had the guests bring hats and jackets so people could choose them on a long table before stepping up for their photos. I opened up the lens like you to blur the background.

      One problem was getting the subjects the same distance from the lens so some of them weren't soft on the focus:

      It was easier with one or two people in the frame. For most shoots, I'd much rather just use foil. So much easier and looked great.