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    • Wow, grumpywitch. Fascinating article. I didn't realize it was so prevalent. How did you meet them?

      What is it about romantic partners that makes it so emotional? We have multiple kids and love them all, multiple pets, and the kids and dogs understand. But I'm trying to imagine me or my wife bringing a romantic partner in our relationship and it's hard.

    • I've met quite a few polyamorous people too, mostly through the kind of geek I am: they seem to be more common in sci-fi/fantasy and tabletop roleplaying game circles than elsewhere. It would probably be funniest to blame this on Heinlein, but I'm guessing it has more to do with mindset: people asking why things are the way they are, and imagining possibilities beyond the received and ordinary.

    • I'm a geek and meet people doing geek things. I've also been part of polyamory support and social groups in the various places I've lived. I even facilitated a polyamory group for a while.

      Polyamory doesn't mean adding people to an existing relationship, btw. It's having more than one romantic and/or sexual relationship. I don't do group relationships though some non-monogamous people do. If you are truly curious check out

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