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    • Living large and loving life to the fullest is how the Urban Dictionary describes a "big baller." With the NBA finals won and done, their big ballers get a break in the coming months.

      My big ballers, pictured below, break forth between the roses of spring and the crepe myrtles that will withstand the summer heat.
      These are my stars. My MVPs in a garden that eventually rewards me for all the work I put into it.
      No drama.
      No trash talking.
      But they won't last long.
      In life, precious moments are often fleeting, yet forever etched into our minds.
      These blooms remind me to live, not just exist.
      I've learned to find pleasure in small things. There is hope and joy in new blooms each morning. I finally stopped living for milestones and now strive to enjoy the journey.What about you? How are you living large and loving life to the fullest?

    • Hi and great to see you here! As we've been building Cake, we've wondered how it will be used, who will use it and why. Is it my imagination, or are many of our early users photographers who post about the beautiful things they see around them? I keep noticing posts about peaceful, calming things, favorite colors, a beautiful archway.

      Anyway, I loved your post about fleeting moments and taking joy in small things.

    • Thanks Chris. I am enjoying the site. It is a breath of fresh air. Another one of those small things in life I can enjoy. I came across Cake while reading a photography blog I follow.

      I believe photographers (and gardeners) love to share the pretty things we find. If you don't mind the question, how did you come up with the name Cake? I know cake is best shared. We all want a slice out of the whole. :)

    • It's a funny story about Cake. We had originally picked the name Powow (can be spelled with one W or two), but someone was concerned that it was originally the name of a sacred Native American ceremony and our use may be insensitive. I spoke to a Navajo friend who said, no, it's become a dance ceremony. He said his tribe wouldn't want a Native American word to be passed by for political correctness, but he couldn't speak for other tribes and there are so many of them.

      I had heard Sarah Blakely, whom I admire, tell her story about founding Spanx. Fascinating. She said she had research indicating that consumers favored names with strong A and K sounds. So I got a children's rhyming dictionary and came across Cake. I already envied names like Slack and Apple. I was surprised to find that someone owned cake dot com but wasn't using it. There didn't seem to be the conflicts Apple had with the Beatles (Apple Music) or New York (The Big Apple). So we grabbed it. In the time since, a few other small companies in other spaces have come along.

      Some people have told me we should lean into the brand even more than we do because Cake is the one thing everyone can agree on that everyone loves.


    • She really is an America success story. Obviously, her rationale has served her well. Spanks has become more than just her brand and quickly replaced the aged "girdle" in modern vocabulary. Think of how people say "pass me a Kleenex," when referring to any tissue.

      I think Cake is a great name. There are different varieties of it. Layer cakes. Pound cakes. Cheesecake!! I think it was the far better choice than Powow and alludes to the various flavors you can find on this site. You may indeed want to embrace it more. Who doesn't love cake!? :)