I finally started watching “The Last Dance” documentary about Michael Jordan on ESPN over the weekend. I still need to watch episodes 1-4, but I got up to speed with episodes 5-8. Two more to go this upcoming weekend. But man, has it been a really interesting documentary. It switches back and forth between MJ’s final season with the Bulls and also earlier chapters of his career like his retirement to go play baseball, etc. 

What was most interesting was just all the details about his career that I had forgotten. Like the time Scottie Pippen quit on the team in the 1993-94 NBA playoffs during Jordan’s absence playing baseball, Horace Grant’s departure to Orlando and how that affected the team, Jordan’s gambling and the scrutiny around that, the fact that Jordan and Pippen didn’t like their future teammate Toni Kukoc when he was still in Croatia, etc. 

So many great stories that I had forgotten about! If anyone has been curious to watch it, definitely check it out! 

As a side note, on my NBA blog, I wrote a piece about five players who I feel best challenge Michael Jordan for the title of GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Don’t worry, I still stay Jordan is the GOAT. But, I did have fun writing up about other players who I think best rival him in their own way. Check that out here if you are interested.